Social Media Etiquette in the Digital Age

So remember when I told you the other night about how you’re annoying people with your phone? Well now there’s more!

A new study came up with a huge list of the most important etiquette rules in the digital era (in OTHER words, rules you should follow when it comes to texting and social media if you don’t want people to hate you). Trust me… if you don’t want to be THAT person, you’ll memorize this list:



  • … overshare on Facebook – nobody cares about the intimate details of how you got a mosquito bite.
  • … snoop through your partner’s phone. But also don’t make them suspicious by erasing YOUR text messages.
  • … post on social media when you’re emotional or angry (that never works out well).
  • … hit “reply all” on a group email unless you really think everyone needs to see it.
  • … send a text when you’re drunk.
  • … use emojis in text messages or emails that are work related.
  • … wish close friends a happy birthday on Facebook. Call or text them.
  • … use a text message to dump someone.
  • … text someone bad news, always call.


  • … text (always) if you’re going to be late.
  • … put your phone away when you’re on a date or at a family event

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