How to Make “Online You” Sound WAY Better than “Real You”

Let’s talk about online dating.


One strategy says you can get more matches on dating apps by just giving the most popular answer to every question. So (for example) since the most popular restaurant in profiles is “Italian” … if you say “I like Italian Food” then you’ll match with more people and go out on more dates.

But let’s say you don’t want to lie about yourself. How do you make your online profile sound WAY more interesting than you really are? It’s apparently pretty easy.

There’s a new CEO of E-Harmony who seems to have a fresher take on everything. During a recent interview, Mr. E-Harmony listed his top tips for your dating profile…. and of course I’ve added my own 2-cents to each one. So unless you want to be standing alone at midnight on New Years Eve, you’ll memorize this list:

  • Have a friend proofread your profile but ask someone who doesn’t know you that well. You’ll get better feedback. For extra points, if you’re trying to attract women, ask a woman to proofread … if you’re trying to attract men, ask a man to proofread.
  • Talk about your experiences, not the stuff you own. Think “trip to Paris” or “skiing in Switzerland” rather than “new Mercedes” otherwise you’ll end up sounding tacky and shallow. Plus, experiences last forever… a car can break down.
  • Be specific about your interests, and give examples. Like instead of just saying the type of music you like, talk about a band or a concert. Rather than “I like alternative” say  “I like the Avett Brothers and Tired Pony”


  • For the love of GOD… Only post high-quality photos! Not that blurry “to catch a predator” garbage. If you’re using blurry, pixelated photos you look crazy. Oh and make sure at least one photo is a head shot.

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