You’re Tinder-ing Wrong


Ok so it’s Monday. A brand new week. Anything’s possible. So let’s talk about what you’re doing wrong on Tinder. I mean… it IS a Monday so there’s like a 99% chance that tonight’s activities are going to consist of swiping up a storm while binge-watching the new season of “Orange is the New Black.”

Well I tracked down a few hacks to getting better Tinder matches thanks to a few experts*:

  • Don’t make your profile about what you want. Your profile should really focus on who you are. If it’s all about your “type” then you’re totally limiting who’s going to respond… you could be missing the perfect match because you like “red heads” and they’re a blond.
  • Stop being negative. Nobody wants to date someone who’s always complaining… and if you just rattle off a list of pet peeves then everyone’s going to assume you’re the kinda person who complains all the time.
  • Don’t jump into the heavy stuff until you’ve actually met each other. Everyone has baggage but NOT everyone wants to hear about your family drama and how your ex left you with a house of one-legged cats.
  • Ask your friends for advice. ESPECIALLY when it comes to profile pictures. It’s 2017… online dating isn’t something that only the sketchy perverts do anymore. Just about everyone is online so ask your friends if they think you’re putting your best face forward or if you’re coming across as a tool.
*experts = Cosmo magazine and a few others

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