Want to Ace the Job Interview? Go on a Blind Date


Going for a job interview this week? The best way to might be to go on a blind date!

Ok so the kids over at Glamour Magazine did some digging around and found the top tricks to acing an interview… turns out its basically the same advice you’d give someone on a first date:

  • Assume it’s all going to go great
  • Psych yourself up beforehand about how excited you are
  • Start things off with some small talk (weather, traffic, etc) to build some trust before getting into anything heavy
  • Prepare to brag about yourself and all your accomplishments; and
  • For the love of God… DON’T over-rehearse for it because you’re going to sound….well… rehearsed.

So keep this in mind next time you’re going for a job interview… or you could just forget the list and practice by going on a bunch of blind dates (and let’s be honest – that’s probably a lot more fun).


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