Everyone Hates Your Resume


Applying for a job anytime soon? Stop “thinking outside the box”…. you look like an idiot

Ok let me explain: A woman who’s read over 40,000 resumes just posted a list of the most annoying things she sees over and over that make her want to instantly throw a resume in the garbage.

  • Misspelled words and typos. People see a ton of resumes…. they’re always looking for a reason to toss some in the trash right away.
  • Too many cliché phrases and buzzwords. Like saying you “think outside the box,” or that you’re a “team player”…  it’s 2017 so that doesn’t really mean anything. One of two might be ok to throw in… just not 10.
  • A really long summary or “objective statement.” Most people skip this in 2017 but if you do include it, don’t over do it since it’s considered pretty old-fashioned anyway.
  • Starting bullet points with the phrase, “Responsible for [blank].” I know it’s tempting. Like under your current job, you might say you’re, “Responsible for daily updates” but honestly there are better ways to get your point across so you just end up looking kinda lazy and boring to be “responsible for” something.
  • Being too formal. Once upon a time it was all “suits and professional haircuts” but today managers are kind of sick of seeing stuff like, “I utilized my prodigious writing skills and leadership capabilities to bolster client engagement.” *snore* You’d be better off saying “I used my writing and leadership skills to connect with clients.”
  • Relying too much on a resume template. Changing up the font or the layout can help you stand out. Just don’t get TOO creative or you’ll look like a crazy person.
  • Having too much blank space on the page, or not enough.Sometimes a page that’s totally filled with writing is even more annoying than one with huge margins… especially if you’re using a tiny font to fit everything on the page. Either make two pages, or start cutting stuff.
  • Taking up too much space with contact information. Your name goes at the top. Then your phone number and email address should be directly underneath it, without a ton of space in between…. and even though some people still put their mailing address in there, you don’t really need to these days – if you take it out, you can fit all your contact info on one line under your name.

So there are the top tricks according to “Business Insider.” Good luck…. and if you do get a high paying fancy job definitely let me know…

… I’ll send you my resume.


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