How to Nail the Perfect “Online Photo”


So lets talk about your online photo. You know you have one. Whether it’s for a company website, LinkedIn, or your own person bit of cyberspace on social media, chances are that you’ve got your face somewhere online…and there’s a pretty good chance that it looks like a mug shot.

A new study came out and it’s basically a DIY for nailing the RIGHT kind of profile photo. But for men and women, it’s totally different (so pay attention):

  • For Guys: Look straight at the camera and smile… but do NOT show your teeth
  • For Women: Look away from the camera (like off to the side or something)… AND show your teeth!

Why? No clue. BUT, somehow this is what seems to get the best responses online.

A few more tips and tricks for BOTH men and women:

  • DO
    • Make sure you’re the ONLY one in the photo
    • Try some candid shots where it doesn’t look like you’re posing (sports and action shots are best if you can work those into something)
    • Artsy back-and-white photos go over well (just don’t overdo it or you’ll look like you’re trying too hard)
  • DON’T
    • Photos of you at the beach (it looks like you’re bragging and it’s pretty unprofessional for anything work-related unless your job is “lifeguard at the beach.”)
    • Wear sunglasses (you look you’re hiding something)
    • Photos with crazy filters (you look insane)
    • and do not EVER use a “bathroom selfie” for anything! You know … the kind where you’re taking a photo of yourself in the mirror. Not only is it completely unprofessional, but also it basically says “my best friend is a goldfish, I spend all the time in the bathroom looking at myself, and I don’t know how to figure out my iPhone’s camera.” Never a good look.

Good luck!


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