Why Nobody Wants to Read Your Emails


You know how easy it is to ignore an email… right? I mean you see it pop up on your phone… maybe you read it … and then you figure “eh… I’ll respond later.”  And then you don’t.

Well you’re not alone. An article out of Boomerang says when you send an email, there’s only a 34% chance you’ll ever get a response.

In OTHER words… 2 out of every 3 emails you sent today are never getting a response.

… and that’s as good as it gets.

Here’s what makes it worse:

  • Typo in the email subject line: Your chances drop to 29%
  • Starting off with a lowercase letter in the subject line: Your chances drop to 28%
  • Sending it on a Monday: You’re more likely to make those typos and sound angry in anything you write.


Here’s what you can do to to improve your odds:

  • Limit the subject line to 3 or 4 words
  • Keep the content of the email between 50 and 125 words

In OTHER words… keep it short and sweet.  Remember… it’s an email… not a monologue.


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